First Day at No.14 Middle School

It rained a little this morning, and it was very humid in HangZhou. Jessica gave all the kids a very informative orientation on safety and logistic issues. I really liked the way she addressed issues from her personal experiences as a “foreigner” in China. She is fantastic and extremely helpful!
We took a little break by walking to a local supermarket nearby No.14 Middle School. The location of No. 14 Middle school is very convenient, 10 min walk to the famous West Lake, 5 min walk to a super market and lots of good restaurants….We had our lunch at one of them…
Right after lunch, Yongkai and I did an orientation on cultural shock, communication strategies and our program honor code. About 2:30pm in the afternoon, our host families started to come, almost all the families arrived ahead of time! We all think it is amazing that almost all the host parents and host siblings showed up(only one dad couldn’t come) . Our students and host families started to chat very naturally. We all enjoyed watching them chatting…..

I will let you know how their first night with host families was like. Stay tuned..



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