Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Our original plan was to have a zongzi breakfast together this morning, since we agree that it is too early for our students to arrive school by 7:30am with their host siblings. Apparently, their host families fed them so well that all the kids were so full that none was interested in our zongzi breakfast. I did ask them about their first night at host families, all of them told me henhao, which means very good. When Jessica collected all the pictures taken by host families, she would share with you all. Stay tuned……

The Principal of No. 14 Middle school gave a welcome speech to us. We get to use their school cafeteria, food is delicious! Ethan talked to some No.14 middle school student like an old friend, then I realized that he was Ethan’s host brother!

It rained so heavily. We decided to keep our plan to take a boat ride at the West Lake. Ask them about the scenery spot that they saw. It was also on the back of 1 yuan bill.

Tomorrow will be Monday. It will be our first normal school day.  Next blog update will be by Wednesday.



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