Indoor (cultural) activities and outdoor (sports) activities

There are various cultural activities that our students attend after our language classes. In music class, they learn a traditional Chinese instrument, hulusi. Each of them received one hulusi from the school as a gift. Keegan is the teaching assistant since he has several years of experience in saxophone. He loves to help his new friends!

Yesterday they learned to appreciate the art of Chinese painting, in next art class, they will draw a Chinese painting; today, they worked on calligraphy with the art teacher,  they created their own piece of art by the end of class. Tomorrow will be our paper cutting class.
Students are interested in very different sports, but they all have to learn Taiji, and by the end of the program they will present Taiji on stage at our farewell show. We’re working very hard while fighting with many mosquitos in the sports building….
Chinese students do morning exercise every day. Today we decided to join them. Keegan and Ethan were very competitive because they bear in mind that they represent America. They work hard, play hard and run hard.image1image2image3image4image5image6image7image8image9image10image11image12image13


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