Second Weekend with Host Families

I told host families about our parent blog and asked them to share pictures with us. They shared so many photos over the weekend! We are so blessed to have such amazing host families…

Ethan’s host mom even included narratives in Chinese.  Ethan visited beautiful West Creek Wetland last weekend and watched a movie with his host brother. This weekend, he visited a museum and walked along the Jinghang Cannel in the light rain. He also watched a soccer game with his host family. Ethan actually told me several days ago that since his host family did so much for him, he wanted to buy tickets for them. I am not sure if he did or not but I am glad that he appreciates what people have done for him. Also, I am very proud of him that he didn’t forget to study or work on farewell performance…

Noah impressed his host family by his talent in calligraphy. They took him to a calligraphy class and Noah received warm welcome by all the boys. They also took him to quite a few famous scenery spots, Leifeng Tower, the West Lake etc.

Emma and Erica hang out together with host sisters. They went to one of the top universities in China, Zhejiang University and Qiantang River. They also seem to have fun playing cards with host sisters.

Keegan told me first week that his little host sister didn’t like him, each time she saw him she would cry. Apparently she doesn’t cry any more. According to Keegan’s host mom, Keegan is the little sister’s new favorite.

So glad to see everyone had a fantastic weekend so far!




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