Home, sweet home

It’s bittersweet to see everyone at our Indy airport. I am glad our kids get to reunite with families but I also know I probably won’t be able to see most of the kids for the rest of my life. Miss them already.

I thought about updating the blog during our trip in Beijing and Shanghai, but I didn’t because I have so many good excuses: unreliable wifi, too busy schedule, and the fact that I was really exhausted every day after multiple excursions.

I am sure our kids already shared their photos with you, but very likely they didn’t tell you how much they’ve improved their Chinese:

I did Skype interviews with most of them, I can tell the huge difference between now and then in terms of their language proficiency; Alex, our tour guide in Beijing, who normally works with college kids, told me that our kids can speak better Chinese than some of his college kids; on our train to Beijing, Ethan talked to a girl next to him for more than 3 hours in Chinese……I heard so many times that people were  amazed by their Chinese at subway station, on the street, almost everywhere.

Our language commitment proved successful.

They started to speak English at Chicago airport and I am worried that if they don’t speak Chinese at all for more than a couple of weeks, they might lose their excellent Chinese. So please do encourage them to watch Chinese movies or talk to their Chinese friends.

I have taken 576 pictures and videos that can be shared with you. I’ve sent invitations to all the kids but still there are some not accepted yet. The album will be removed from iCloud after Aug 15th.

Last but not least, some group pictures to share:


Thank you for viewing the blog for about 5 weeks….Enjoy the rest of your summer! Wish you all the best!


2 thoughts on “Home, sweet home”

  1. What tremendous pictures and videos, Jade!! Thank you for all the time and energy you spent capturing candid shots of the kids enjoying the beautiful places you visited. China’s a very special place and Ryan will always cherish his time there with you and the group! Enjoy the rest of your well earned summer, Cynthia


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